Montag, 3. Juni 2013


Socks for my chickens
Christmas for bears
Kites and religion
City wellcared
Pose as a nark
in a spicy two-piece suit
coathanger dark
brood, brood
my infertile laughter
my hunchback in rage
They rented dog shit for their annuals
milehigh plastercrust leafletproof bishops
ordained to fuck up cattle and combust
How can the white slime sink so far?
Peaocks roaming in a pitch black ball hall
Shiny shoulders in a high fashion low point
Gunshots in a crying rural mirror
Strike, strike, strike
you've got your legislation
looks dirty
ashgrey seaweed dogbone
bleached nailed shut face
his wishes slightly
dimly showing
even to himself,
but that's the realm of myth
of forgery,
all acertained for,
with sigil and signed,
is a grey monument
opossed, crossed by red floral appeasement.
Autocorso, spin the gears some slower
        bull neck
                 ass crack
got a pill from a leather angel
tempted by a
gosh, so many singlemothers
dutch van leaving
kiss my ass
'cause I paid my
plastic, hellish
overpriced baguette
socalled sun in a
greyfucked plaster
linoleum'd be quite a treat.
Cloak and dagger
coathanger rocketfuel
Ach, die Hügel, Sissi
no burgers for the fat kids
like Nazis chasing off the Autohof
to bleachdried junkies, metal heads
hours to kill
ach Sissi, diese Hügel, ach so still.

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