Montag, 3. Juni 2013

Scribble #22

„Stop talking“ - „Yeah, that's the name for it.“ Stop the lightning, the rod slips from his hand – Tok-Tik-Caching- that's the sound of natal steel on the chairs, Isis is the name I chose for her, not that she ever cleaned my room, antiseptic, fuck heaven, antiseptic, front row on the school bus, like a black hooded loaded vampyr Picasso, drunk, out in the streets, we woe, oh how we woe against beginnings, toe, toe and toe, a rush, yeah up, then up, left, controller broken, green is my colour and black is yours, I can't forgive, oh your beginning, I give the stage, the fleur de lys, BAM-BAM-betray, that's the sound of the rod on the stairs.
A Saint, fuck like a priest, a bit and fifteen edges, we rule elipsis, goat and sheep, “Lord speaks no mercy” - “That no truth” - cure for a living, repeat a motionless, we face the sun, Lego, we care, we care, oh Panda Bear, a price signed out, yellow, whicker chair, epiphany, so cursed, the listed, beak, token, blood pool, beak, token, cool, so easy, 5-4-12-100, locks and free, Akropolis belongs to litter, so does the creed, so does the grail. Her room is grey, tickled extensivly, with all the coaching, high school, arms like branches, fuck the trees, here we remain, no light equals the posters on the wall, the pillows shaped like Robin Hood, so greet a nobleman as should, your hair as burned upon a matress, your hair, you're greek, no need to speak, between hips, I'll never touch your shoulders, the virus fled, the walls are breached, call purpose, he's got booze, tonic, a web-flatrate, that's what we need, a teddy, a ring, a throat, low as your belly, peak to peak, you can't impregnate starving horses, you can not mount them, so to speak, at Lowell's seaside I conclude a static – bzz – no solitude, no flux, oh need agreed, see me, tomorrow, after school crisis, oh, chrisis, oh percieve lion paw, no plastered, almost essential, ether, iiiiii, a chalkboard, so your fingers, so, the long and so TV, soaked, this is not grim, just not in fashion, style, a seal, we rupture, groins eterna, 200 Fahrenheit, see, be, esprit.

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