Dienstag, 25. Juni 2013



 Cluster voiced:
"if we take sky as a limes
- unbreached non-est low on cash
- snuck off est, nonlinear
from zero possibility-
we - in that case you, broad preacher
lead quite a happy few
through wonder grooves,
blue gems, that whisper prayers to Urizen,
see late and foul atileery,
perfectly calibrated,
pride to see,
see villains, heroes
knee to knee
and ultimately face
-you'd wish
and forgery"
thus he finished his drink
                                                                                               and left to party.

host of hiking
snort, off the remote
an invocation, symetry
private investigation
broadspreed agency
fair hair
to non-noetic prices
child hands
in a rope, rush, a doomed container
loaded sees the moleblessed priest
his garden, site of an empiric battle
the horses overfeed with glues,
accustomed to hear love from a snicker,
the way the world goes,
chartered and frosted,
                                                                                            ship hosts the sea.


 Stockhausen, unsexed god
a road of emanations
sneak larvae
Wostok wonders
yet to speak
of all the churchs
of low and hi
of Westwerk
and of pounding
four four four
a giant ball
a crystal sphere
a lighthouse
missing all it's bulbs
a weeping, crazy
stampede dream
Geneva cycles me
red bricks of Roeckl
neat on neat
a warm
a pounding welcome
smile on me
diamond heat

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